IC Materials

Revenue contribution

Chemicals used in the manufacture of semiconductor devices (aka integrated circuits), both memory and processor chips.


Revenue contribution

Chemicals used in the manufacture of flat panel display, LEDs and solar cells.

Printing & Other

Revenue contribution

Photolithographic printing chemicals for use in the production of printed material.

Percentage of AZ Group revenue for the financial year ended 31 December 2012. “Printing & Other” reported in IC Materials from 1 January 2013.

Our Market Position

Our markets are characterised by robust structural growth. They are driven by global economic and demographic trends, industry growth, technology and by the increasing demand for the specific products that we have, and will continue to develop.

The industries we service have a certified supply chain that demands high levels of purity, consistency and reliability. Our customers are manufacturers in the IC and FPD industries and are dependent on speciality chemical materials to drive their technology to the next level of development. For the manufacturers of ICs, the high quality, high-purity speciality chemicals enable the production of smaller microchips with a higher transistor density. For FPD manufacturers, electronic materials are vital for the creation of advanced technology products.


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Partners in Innovation

Innovation and product development is central to the future of the AZ business.

Production process

Our key role in the production of a Microchips and Flat panel Displays